Field report / Autumn fishing


Angler : Geecrack field tester Mr. Koreeda
Date : October 22
Place : Ponds in Aichi prefecture / Japan

It was calm without winds.
I went fishing in the morning.
Cast G-CRAWLER 5.8 Nail rig to find fish.
I had a bite, but it swam away and disappeared quickly.
So I cast G-BLADE and slow rolled it over bottom obstacles.
I caught a fish which was 45 cm in length(1380g) on my second cast.After that I had no bites, I moved to another pond.


o0360064013783243956      o0360064013783243949


Fish were constantly being caught in this pond last week,
but the pond was so calm and I had no bites.
I moved to another pond again.

Fish cast, first catch in the pond!!
And I caught about 10 small largemouth bass.

Lure :
・ Daisy Spin1/4






I enjoyed Autumn fishing today.
I hope I will catch largemouth bass next week again!!


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