New Colors Added to GYRO STAR

【Gyro Star3.5】



GYRO STARs can be great Alabama rig trailers.
These two new colors really attract bigger bass!
Try them out!

River Fishing Bellody!!

・Angler: @funajun2784

・River : Gosan river

・Lure : Bellows Stick 3.8

Because of radiational cooling, it was cold in the morning.Started fishing down the river.The water gates were closed and no water current.I cast a reliable Bellody(Bellows Stick3.8 + Bredy) and retrieved slowly.Two largemouth bass were caught!! After that, I kept casting it into likely fish holding areas and caught some fish.The last two fish I caught were over 40cm long.

Fall turnover moves fish.They are now scattered and can be anywhere in the lake.It makes fishing more difficult but Bellows Stick 3.8 works well and always helps me catch nice fish!!

Fishing Osaka Bay

・Lure : Tiger Dragon

Fishing for Scabbard Fish with a technique called “SYAKUTEN”.Cast TIGER DRAGON and use jerk-jerk-jerk-pause type of retrieve. The peak season for Scabbard Fish is coming soon.Scabbard fishing by using TIGER DRAGON is very easy.Anyone can enjoy it and be successful.

GEECRACK CHANNEL / Autumn river fishing

Angler : Takaaki Oya(Geecrack field tester)
Place : Oe river
Lure : Bellows Stick3.8[Bellody], Portio Curly

The temperature of water started to decrease.
Autumn has arrived at Oe river.
Takaaki is fishing with Bellody(Bellows Gill + Bredy) in low light conditions in the morning and evening,
and with Portio Curly during the daytime.

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