Effective rig for IMO-RIPPER 95.

According to Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita), this rig setting is really effective for catching nice spring bass.


・Hook : #5/0 Offset hook

・Rod : H Class Baitcasting rod

・Line : Fluorocarbon 20lb

Rigs for Bellows Stick 2.8

Bellows Stick 2.8 is coming soon.

【Bellows Stick 2.8inch】

Perfect rigs to hook nice spring bass.

◆ Bellody(Bellows stick + zappu / BredyNo.3, 1.8g)

Retrieve it very slowly along the bottom.

◆zappu / Inch Wacky

Slow falling the bait when you are fishing around vertical structure.

◆ Neko rig(zappu / CAPTAIN HOOK i GUARD No.4, zappu / Nail Shot0.45〜1.8g)

Great for targeting break lines or around underwater srtructures.

◆ Jighead( zappu / COCHO COCHO HEAD

Insert COCHO COCHO HEAD into the head of the bait then, back out through the 4th or 5th rib. Drag it along the bottom.

Smallest Bellows Stick

【Field Report】

Smallest Bellows Stick

☆ Bellows Stick2.8″ ☆

Bellows Stick2.8 is not just a downsized version of Ballows Stick.
In addition to the original characteristics, we made some further improvement.
Geecrack field testers have been producing good results by using Bellows Stick2.8″.

This is a bite size soft plastic bait, but it pushes water and has a powerful appeal to fish.
Perfect for shore fishing or fishing on a high-pressure fields.

Coming soon!!

River fishing for spring bass / AVANTI MAGNUM DR

・Date : March14 2020

・Place: A river in Yoro(Gifu prefecture)


・Reel : abu ALT

・Line : Fluorocarbon16lb

・Lure : Geecrak / AVANTI MAGNUM DR

Early spring fishing in the cold rain.

Fishing wasn’t easy.

I tried different fishing techniques for catching bass,but didn’t get a single bite.

I chose AVANTI MAGNUM DR and cast it into a shallow area.

Then I began a pumping retrieve.I didn’t get a bite on my first cast, but fish hit the

bait on my second cast.

The 45 cm long bass was deeply hooked.

Shore Fishing Lake Biwa / Bellows Gill

Field report

◎ Lure : Bellows Gill

Shore fishing Lake Biwa for pre-spawn Bass. I chose Bellows Gill 3.8 and had a few casts at any likely looking spots.Then, I targeted a reedy area.I expected that there were some fish to be caught in the area, but I didn’t get any bite.So, I chose Bellows Gill 2.8 and cast it into the same area.Fish hit the bait just as I expected.It was an aggressive pre-spawn Bass which was 49cm long.