Bellows Stick & NECO HACK

NECOHACK is a great fishing item.
You can rig almost any plastic bait to a neko rig with it.
Rig a neko rig using any soft plastic bait you like.

◆ Best sizes of soft plastic bait(Diameter)
・S size… 4-6mm
・M size… 5-7mm
・L size… 6-8mm

◆◇◆ Bellows Stick & NECO HACK ◆◇◆

◎ Bellows Stick | NECO HACK
2.8inch | S
3.8inch | S
4.8inch | S
5.8inch | S

Swimming action of Bellows Stick with Neko Hack

How to use NEKO BHACK.


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