Leaf Shrimp 4.8 / Jika rig Rod action

Leaf Shrimp 4.8 / Jika rig is really effective at this time of year.

Many anglers have been using it to have success since 2017.
It is a lure that reliably catches bass after bass during autumn and spring.

・Leaf Shrimp consists of 4 main parts.

① Body
② Big ball
③ Small ball
(These two balls act as the joint and create a hinge allowing for a full range of motion in the tail. )
④ Tail
(There is a keel on the back side of the tail.It will give the lure an incredible lively action.)

Leaf Shrimp is made from our original S.A.F. material.
It causes bass to hold on longer once they bite.

● Best Tackle

・Hook : Offset hook #2/0〜#3/0
・Sinker : 7g(Tungsten sinker is better)
・Line : Fluoro carbon line 14lb
・Reel : High gear class

● Area(Spawning season)
Hard bottom, Weeds sprouting area

● Rod action

Cast Leaf Shrimp 4.8 / Jika rig, allows it to hit the bottom.
When it hits the bottom, lower the tip of your rod.

Work your lure on tight line, and then on slack line.
Keep doing it.
Feel the bottom as you work your bait.
Even though it get snagged, keep working it.


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