Rigs for Bellows Stick 2.8

Bellows Stick 2.8 is coming soon.

【Bellows Stick 2.8inch】

Perfect rigs to hook nice spring bass.

◆ Bellody(Bellows stick + zappu / BredyNo.3, 1.8g)

Retrieve it very slowly along the bottom.

◆zappu / Inch Wacky

Slow falling the bait when you are fishing around vertical structure.

◆ Neko rig(zappu / CAPTAIN HOOK i GUARD No.4, zappu / Nail Shot0.45〜1.8g)

Great for targeting break lines or around underwater srtructures.

◆ Jighead( zappu / COCHO COCHO HEAD

Insert COCHO COCHO HEAD into the head of the bait then, back out through the 4th or 5th rib. Drag it along the bottom.


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