Lake Biwa – Fishing RIVIVAL SHAD

【Field Report】

Angler : Lake Biwa Fishign guide Hayato Yasui


Fishing practice on the water of Lake Biwa.I fished for the first time in a month.
New RIVIVAL SHAD4″ really attracted bass and I caught some largemouth bass which were about 40cm ~ over 55cm long.SAF material is used for making RIVIVAL SHAD.

The temperature of Lake Biwa surface water was about 8.5~10.5℃.It seemed that spring had arrived.The water depths from 3m to 3.5m are great during early spring.I cast new RIVIVAL SHAD4 1/16oz and moved it like a small baitfish feeding at the bottom of the lake. It worked well and produced good results. The scent of SAF material attracts bass and its flavors keep them holding on longer.It allows you to catch more light biting fish.

・Rod : Double Dutch 67ML


・Lure: NEW REVIVAL SHAD 4″ (# ELECTRIC-SHAD), Jighead(1/16oz #1, 1/0)


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