New product Spring 2020

☆ Gilling Neo 160F


・Diving depth:1.8m(fluoro 16lb)

・Hook Size:#1/0(Teflon coating)

Gilling Neo 160F is our new 3 Jointed lure developed with Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).Just cast and retrieve, it will work amazingly on largemouth bass.

◆ Silent systemIt features plastic soft bait material to reduce the joint knocking sound.

◆ Belly swivel hook hangers It features belly swivel front and rear hook hangers.Hooks can move freely, and this reduces the chances of you losing your fish when you set the hook.

◆ Teflon coated fishing hook Teflon coating helps the treble hooks(#1/0) remain super durable.Made in Japan.

◆ Removable lip Spare lips and different lip types will be available.

Catch nice spring bass on Gilling Neo 160F.


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