Geecrack New Products / PORTIO CURLY3″

Geecrack new product PORTIO CURLY3″ were sent out to some stores last week.

◇ Color


With a finely ribbed body, it swims through the water with smooth action.
Its tail is thick for its body size and designed to create lots of waves.
It appeals to fish and allows it to find and track the bait from far distances.
Geecrack S.A.F material is used in making PORTIO CURLY.
It is highly attractive to fish.
The scent and taste of the material will cause the fish to hold the lure in its mouth longer.

Fishing is tough but if you really want to get a bite from fish, try it.
It is effective for fishing high pressure waters or late autumn fishing.
Very versatile.It can be rigged on drop-shot rig, jig head, or Neko rig.
Also it can be a great small rubber trailer.



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