Great catch on the bank of the Gosan river!

Angler : Mr. FunabashiPlace : Gosan riverLure : Bellows Stick3.8″

I started fishing around 10 a.m.Soon after that, I caught two largemouth bass on Bellody(Bellows Stick + Bredy).I moved to another fishing point and cast Bellody again.Fish hit the bait, and then spat it out. I gave it an action, the fish hit the bait again, but spat it out.I changed the lure color(# Muddy Gill) to try to catch the fish.Nice bass hit the bait on my first cast.It pulled on the line hard!!!!!I gave it some extra time to take the bait completely in its mouth, then set the hook firmly.It was over 45cm long. The biggest catch of the day!


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