Successful Fishing With Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz!

Angler : Mr. HasegawaPlace : Lake BiwaLure : Bellows Gill2.8 + BS STRONGER

I was going to try many fishing spots but I couldn’t because strong winds were blowing.Fishing was a little bit tough but I was able to catch 49cm long largemouth bass on Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz.After that I didn’t get any bites.

Moved to another fishing area and cast Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8ozagain.52cm long largemouth bass was caught before the sun went down.Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz helped me successfully catch nice bass.


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