Geecrack Channel / Video shooting – RIVIVAL SHAD 4″ SUPAKU

Angler : Norihito Yamashita(Lake Biwa fishing guide)
Place : Lake Biwa

Video shooting for Geecrack Channel.
RIVIVAL SHAD 4″/SUPAKU was really effective in the morning.
It caught many big largemouth bass!!
Fish moved deeper as mid-day approached.
Norihito chose STEALTH SEVEN.Nice bass was caught at the first cast!!
RIVIVAL SHAD 4″/SUPAKU worked well again in the evening.
All the fish caught on the day were in good body condition.
They pulled on the line hard.
The size of RIVIVAL SHAD matched baitfish!!

Cast SSPAKU rigged RIVIVAL SHAD and reel it in with a steady, slow-speed.
It will help you catch a lot of fish even the water is rough.


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