Fishing trip to Kyushu.

[Day 1]

Kyushu is the 3rd largest island of Japan. Lake Biwa fishing guide Yuho Ito went there for video shooting for Geecrack Channel.Mr. Shibata(Geecrack field tester in Kyushu.) joined him at the airport,and they went reservoir fishing.

They used G-Crawler, Bellows Gill 2.8″ and Portio. Bellows Gill 2.8 paired with Bredy was the most effective on the day. It really attracted bass to strike!

[Day 2]
Yuho and Mr. Shibata targeted bigger bass on the second day.Yuho caught big bass on his first cast of the day(Bellows Gill3.8 / No sinker style)!!After that, he chose Bellows Gill 5.8 / Running sinker rig, and cast it two or three times. Good sized bass was caught!!Bellows Gill 5.8 / Running sinker rig worked really well and Bellows Gill paired with Bredy was also effective on the second day.


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