Fishing guide report / Lake Biwa


Fishing guide report from lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).



Leaf Shrimp4.8″ / Jika rig is really effective especially in spring and early summer.
Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P and his fishing guests caught a lot of big bass on Leaf Shrimp4.8″.
The biggest one was 61cm long and over 4kg.




The effective colors on the day was # KUWASEMOEBI and # SCUPPERNONG-BUG.

★ Yama P’s tackle

●Rod:MH~H class
Double Dutch DD-70MH Dusty Mirror
Double Dutch HELLS GATE 70MH HELLS CORE(Special rod for leaf shrimp 4.8″ / Jika rig.)
●Reel:Metanium MGL HG(Studio Composite RC-DC PLUS 27XL 92mm)
●Line:KUREHA R18 14lb~16lb
●Hook:Gamakatsu / LD Master #3/0(Split ring / Swivel)
●Sinker:Kanji International / THROUSTA SINKER(Prototype)1/4oz





★ Geecrack Channel / Fishing Leaf Shrimp4.8″ / Jika rig
Angler : Norihito Yamashita


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