Lake Biwa Boat fishing

Angler : Mr. Yogo
Place : Lake Biwa(Northern part)
Lure : G-Crawler 4.8
Fishing the weeds for largemouth bass in the morning but there was no bite.
As Lake Biwa has less weeds compared to other years,
I looked for largemouth bass near the man made structures such as an intake tower or artificial fish reefby using HONDEX HE-9000 SIDE SCAN which I bought this autumn.
I cast Geecrack / G-Crawler 4.8 / Neko rig around the reef.
It worked well and resulted in two over 40cm largemouth bass and a lot of small largemouth bass.
The water depth was about 8 to 10m depth.
The fishing methods was simple.
When you are fishing G-Crawler in deep areas, cast it and let it hit the bottom, then shake it hard.
G-Crawler makes your fishing trip enjoyable!

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