Good chance of matching the hatch!

Angler : Mr. Koreeda
Place : Chitano-ike in Aichi prefecture, Japan
Lure : SPIRON2.8
It was really cold this morning.
I used gloves for the first time this season.
When the sun came out, Bluegill came up to the surface.
Good chance of matching the hatch!
Cast SPIRON # Green Pumpkin / Blue F.
Nice bass was caught on the first cast!
After that fish were not responding at all.
I moved to another fishing point where Bluegill seemed to come up.
Cast SPIRON / # SCUPPERNONG – BLUE F / Heavy drop shot rig.
Fishing was tough but nice bass was caught again.
SAF material SPIRON worked really well and I was able to catch two bass on the day!

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