Won the second place!! / G-Crawler



Angler : Mr. Okamoto
Place : Oe river
Lure : G-CrawlerG5.8 / Neko rig 0.9g(SCUPPERNONG)

I participated in the fishing tournament TBC Classic.
I caught 45cm long bass(1270g) on Metal Vibration lure.

Oe river clean up activity which was held by Geecrack field tester Mr. Kuroda also took place on the day.
After catching the fish I went there and joined the activity.
After cleaning the river with many anglers, I returned to the tournament.

Cast G-Crawler5.8 / Neko rig and let it swim carefully.
Nice fish took the bait!
I didn’t win the tournament, but won the second place!!!!
My Neko rig setup is very easy.
Make a shallow cut(2mm depth) in the worm body.Place your hook in the shallow cut and run a Silicone Tube.
The hook is not inserted into the worm directly and it gives it very effective action.
Also it prevents it from getting damaged when casting.





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