Fishing Bellows Stick!




Angler : Mr. Oya
Place :Yacht Pond
Lure : Bellows Stick3.8 / Neko rig



Fishing Yacht pond.
Arrived there early in the afternoon.
I caught nice bass on Bellows Stick3.8 / Neko rig on my second cast.





Fishing Bellows stick3.8 / Neko rig has been very good lately, so I’d wanted to try Bellows Gill / Neko rig for a long time.







I picked up Bellows Gill / Neko rig and cast.
Soon after that, fish took the bait, but I forgot to set the reel drag tight enough and lost it.







I think Bellows series are really good.
Fish respond very well to them.
It’s so much fun and I love every minute of fishing Bellows series.





I also caught 70cm long snakehead on the day!


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