Boat fishing for rockfish / MAD SHAKER

Angler : Mr. Aizawa
Place : Ishinomaki Bay, Miyagi prefecture
Lure : Mad Shaker 3.5(SEXY PINK / BLUE F)(TENAGA) / Texas rig(24・21g)
High rockfish season is almost here in Tohoku(Northeast region of Japan).
Small oblong rockfish was caught on MAD SHAKER.
SAF material was effective in enticing fish to bite!
It took the bait deep in the mouth.
Water temperatures were still high for rockfish fishing.
The bay still had plenty of blowfish and not so many rockfish had arrived.
Moreover a strong wind started to blow and stir up the water.
In such conditions, I was able to catch small Fat greenling on MAD SHAKER.
I can’t wait for the peak season to start.
MAD SHAKER will help me catch lots of rockfish!!

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