Fishing Naogoya port / Imo-ripper

Angler : Mr. Nagao
Place : Nagoya port
Lure : Imo-ripper40, Portio(Giga Aji Jighead)
Light game fishing.
Cast Giga Aji Jighead 0.5g + Imo ripper40(# Green Pumpkin / Soaked in SAF Formula).
My first and second cast produced nothing but my third cast resulted in a 45cm long black sea bream.
It was a light bite but it pulled on the line hard.
I carefully fought the fish as I was using fluorocarbon line # 0.6.
Afterwards, I caught 5 marbled rockfish on Giga Aji Jighead 0.7g + Portio2.8(# Ghost Gill).
Cast imo-ripper40(# June Bug) and caught another rockfish on it.
As the water changed from high tide to low tide, the current brought cold water.
Fish weren’t responding at all.
I cast Portio2.8 / Wacky Jighead rig again and caught 3 palm-sized marbled rockfish near the bottom.
SAF material and SAF Formula are great.
They really attracted and enticed fish to bite in cold water condition.

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