Bug Tuned Imo-Ripper


Angler : Seiji Kuroda
Fishing Oe river for 3 hours in the mornig.
Fall turnover was completed.
Cast Rock Jig Sniper + Bellows Gill into many different fishing spots,
but fish were not responding at all.

When water temperatures began to rise, I think it was around 10:00 am,
I chose Bug tuned Imo-ripper60 and cast it around the cover.
It enticed bass to come out from below cover and nice bass was caught.






Imo-ripper was soaked in Geecrack fish attractant “SAF FORMULA”.
Bug tuned Imo Ripper + SAF FORMULA works really well.




Geecrack Channel / Fishing Bug Tuned Imo-Ripper


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