River boat fishing. / Beat Craw & Imo-ripper



Angler : Mr. Yogo
Lure : Beat Craw3″, 4″ / Imo-Ripper95


River boat fishing.
I chose Beat Craw3″ and started fishing.
Fishing was tough.
Fish were not biting.
The water was muddy due to typhoon.
I cast Beat Craw 4″ / Drop shot rig without leader
into the outside bends of the river where the current hit.
Soon after that, a keeper size bass was caught!!
After that I caught another bass on Beat Craw 3″ / Light Texas Rig.
It was a little bigger than the first one.




I moved to upstream, the current hit the outside bends of the river
I cast Imo-ripper95(# Green Pumpkin F) under overhanging trees.
Caught 44 cm bass by using a drifting technique.



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