Reservoir fishing in Hiroshima

Angler : Ms. Sumita
Place : Reservoir in Hiroshima pre. / Japan
Lure : DACE 160SS, PORTIO, SUGURI60, G Crawler4.8, Imo-ripper40, 60




I used DACE to quickly search areas for active bass.
I had the first bite of the day(Imo-Ripper95) but couldn’t manage to land it.
After that I caught nice bass on DACE.
PORTIO / Drop shot caught many small bass.
I used SUGURI to fish for small bass on the surface.
I chose G-Crawler / Neko rig and Imo-ripper 40,60 / No sinker style in the afternoon.
They worked well and I caught nice bass.
I caught the biggest fish of the day on PORTIO.
It was over 50cm long.



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