Geecrack Channel / Movie Shoot : Fishing Ohe river

* Angler : Mr. Oya
* Place : Ohe river in Gifu
Very hot summer days.
Gifu where Backlash is located in is one of the hottest prefectures in Japan.
We experienced temperatures of around 40 ℃.
Over the next 7 days, the maximum temperature will be 41℃.
Ohe river is in Gifu.
We expected tough fishing condition due to the hot weather,
but Mr. Oya caught nice big bass on Rivival Shad in the morning!!
In the afternoon, small bass were caught on Rivival Shad and Imo-Ripper60.
Once winds started blowing in the early evening, he had a lot of bites(Imo-Ripper / Drop Shot rig).
He caught two bass over 40cm long, some small bass and snakehead.
The movie is comind soon.
Don’t miss it!!!

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