Filed report / Imo-ripper & RIVIVAL SHAD



Angler : Mr. Tsubouchi
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Imo-Ripper Slim3.8(SCUPPERNONG),
Imo-Ripper95(SEXY-WAKASAGI), Imo-Ripper60(LAKE-GILL),
Rod : Double Dutch DDS-69L Walnuts



I targeted bass in the areas with current.
Cast my lure and let it fall naturally.
It worked well and enticed bass to bite!
Pin tails of Rivival Shad and Imo-ripper create waves
which really attract fish, especially at this time of year.
I caught 4 bass on the day.
They were 41cm, 42cm, 46cm, 42cm in length.



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