Prototype long curly worm lure



Field report from lake Biwa fishing guide Keita Oda.


Caught over 60cm largemouth bass on MP Curly(Prototype).
Weeds are growing thick, and bass are moving into the post spawn season.
This Long Curly Worm is effective for post spawn fishing for bass.
Bass in thick weeds can find it easily.
It will entice every bass to bite.

When you are fishing a long curly worm, sometimes fish only bite the tail,
or you set the hook and missed.
Geecrack SAF material is used for making MP Curly.
It attracts fish and entices fish to bite.
Once fish hits it, it holds onto it longer enough to be hooked.
It will increase your hook-up rate.



MP Curly(Prototype) has been developing under the supervision of lake Biwa fishing guide Keita Oda.


O.D.A guide:


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