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Yahman Stick 6″ will be available at stores soon.
It is a down-sized version of the long worm Yahman Stick12″.
8″ and 6″ added to Yahman Stick, and 6″(8 colors) will be available this time. 
We gave away Yahamn Stick to the people who came to Geecrack booth at the fishing event KEEP CAST.
A lot of anglers have already caught bigger bass on them.




The winner of the Biwako open fishing tournament caught his winning fish on Yahman Stick.



What’s the difference between Yahman Stick and G-Crawler??
Yahman Stick is a ringed worm with smaller, shallower ribs.
It’s body is almost the same size as that of G-Crawler.
It is bigger than G-Crawler by the length of the ribs.
We developed and manufactured it with Lake Biwa fishing guide Norihito Yamashita.
It’s body is gradually tapering and moves well in the water.
You can see the swimming action well when you use it on a Neko rig.
Geecrack original SAF material is used for making Yahman Stick.
G-Crawler is a product manufacturing overseas. Only salt is impregnated in it.
Yahman Stick is a domestic production worm impregnated with salt, amino acid, and shrimp flavor.
Compared to G-Crawler, it contains larger amount of fish attractant impregnated in the body.
Because of this the price is higher.





We pool tested Yahman Stick / Neko rig and G-Crawler / Neko rig to see the water action.
The fall rate of Yahman stick was faster than that of G-Crawler, but when we made it collapsed, it collapsed at a speed about equal to G-Crawler.
We thought it can attract and make bass hold onto it longer.

Yahman Stick will be available soon.
Compare Yahman Stick to G-Crawler and feel the difference!


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