Field report / Bellows Stick & Yahman Stick



Angler : Mr. Tomida
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Bellows Stick5.8″ / Yahman Stick6″


3 big bass were caught on Bellows Stick5.8″ and Yahman Stick6″.




◆ Fish size

・50cm – Bellows Stick 5.8 # SCUPPERNONG-BLUE-FLAKE
・56cm – Bellows Stick5.8″ # GREEN-PUMPKIN
・56cm – Yahman Stick6″ / Neko rig



Yahman Stick 6” and 8” / Neko rig are both effective and got a lot of bites.

◆ The total number of fish caught – 15


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