I won a tournament! / MERCURY OWNER’S FES

Angler : Hiro
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : G-Crawler4.8, 5.8(Neko rig)/ Imo-ripper slim3.8(No sinker style)
I participated in a fishing tournament MERCURY OWNER’S FES.
To my surprise, I won the the first prize!!!
I used G-Crawler4.8, 5.8(Neko rig) to fish the areas where there was less weeds and Imo-ripper slim3.8(No sinker style)to fish the area where there was thick weeds.
Geecrack original material SAF material is used in making Imo-ripper slim3.8.
It is a great material and really attracts fish.
As largemouth bass hold it longer, it reduces the chances of a missed bite.

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