Field report / Bellows Stick8″



Angler: Mr. Miura
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : DEESCO 3/4oz & GyroStar4.8 / MerryG, GyroStar3 & CORN HEAD BLADE
Rod : Double Butch DD-75H The Merry



Fishing with Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P.
He is on the water almost everyday and keeps up what the fish are doing and where they are going.
He said to me once the bass hit the bait, reel it in carefully.
Following his advice, I reeled it in carefully, and got pot-bellied largemouth bass!!!
MerryG is a great Alabama rig.It can be controled easily.
GyroStar3 and CORN HEAD BLADE are perfect for MerryG.



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