Leaf Shrimp 4.8 – S・A・F Material

We have changed the material for Leaf Shrimp from the old one to S・A・F Material.
Leaf Shrimp 4.8(S・A・F Material) produced great results last spring.
【S・A・F Material】
SAF material is a Geecrack original material for worms.
It appeals to the senses of taste and smell that a fish uses in its quest for food.
S.A.F = Salt + Amino acid + Flavor
* The soft plastic bait in the picture above is Imo-ripper.
Geecrack soft plastic baits made from S.A.F material are all produced domestically.
They are made in Japan. To be more accurate, they are made in Gifu prefecture, Japan.
S.A.F material Leaf Shrimp 4.8 will be available for purchase at stores soon.
◆Geecrack channel / Leaf Shrimp Fishing Lake Biwa

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