Tough fishing conditions / PikuPiku Pintail



☆Angler : Mr. Nagao

◆Place : Nagoya port, Aichi prefecture / Japan
◆Lure : PikuPiku Pintail2.5 inch


Windy day fishing for Marbled rockfish.
Strong headwind at low tide.
The water depth was about 50cm ~ 3m.
Under such conditions, PikuPiku Pintail produced results.




Cast GIGA AJI JIG HEAD 0.7g + PikuPiku Pintail2.5″ / Wacky Jig Head.
After it hit the bottom, I let it move along the surface of rocks to find fish.I caught my first fish of the day!!


After that, fish hit the lure but not the hook.
It suddenly became cold a couple of weeks ago.
Cold water made them move slowly.
I targeted only active ones and cast Wacky Jig Head.
The total catch of the day was 4 fish.




“4 Marbled rockfish under tough fishing conditions”

I think this is not bad, but more fish next time!

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