Prototype Big Crankbait / Newest model



Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
came to Geecrack factory and checked the prototype big crankbait newest model.




When we talked to Yama P last time, he said that he wanted it be like this.
“When the big crankbait touches the weeds and gets snagged a little bit, its buoyancy allows the bait to float through the weeds.”
It has been improved and the newest prototype has better buoyancy and its body became bigger than before.




He went field testing the newest prototype the next day.
It touched the weeds and fish hit the lure while it was floating up as he expected.
He caught nice winter bass!! It was over 50cm long!!!




We will continue the field testing with Yama P.
It will continue until the lure is exactly what we want it be.

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