Field report / Pond fishing


Angler : Mr. Nomura
Date : November 4 & 5


◆ November 4

・Rod :Double Dutch DD-70MH Dusty Mirror

I went fishing early in the morning.
As it was still dark, I picked up trash around there to kill some time.
I started fishing when dawn was coming. It was around 6 o’clock.
Cast SWINGCHATTER and reeled fast just under the surface of the water.
Soon after I started fishing I had a bite and caugth nice largemouth bass.
Afterwards I cast IMO-RIPPER and let it move along the bottom to figure out if leargemouth bass had moved out to deeper from the shallow.
Fish responded to it and I caught my second fish of the day.
I felt the seasons change.




◆ November 5

・Lure :IMO-RIPPER60(2.0g)

I figured out bass had moved out a bit deeper from the shallow.
I let it fall back down on slack line.
Fish responded very well to it.


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