Prototype Big Crankbait


One of our staff went fishing with Yama P(Lake Biwa fishing guide), Mr. Fukumoto(Retail shop / Fishing eight),
and Mr. Yoshimoto(Retail shop / ANEX).

The lures they used :

・Gyro Star 3.5″(S.A.F Material)
・Gyro Star 3″(New size / S.A.F Material),
・New product CONE HEAD Jr. BLADE(#2/0) + Merry-G
・Prototype Big Crankbait(Field testing)


☆ Field report

Geecrack lures produced good results!!
We caught a lot of nice fish!!!


We also tested the prototype big cranks in the real field conditions.
Not only Yama P, but also Mr. Fukumoto and Mr. Yoshimoto tested some prototypes with different lip shapes.

Prototype Big Crankbait is smaller than STRAIGA, but the silhouette is large enough that bass can find it.
The diving depth of the lure is 3.5m.


As it needs more improvement we’ll make another prototype and Yama P will continue to test in the real field conditions.




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