Field report / SPIRON 3.8″



* Field report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Norihito Yamashita(Yama P).

The fishing pattern I mainly use is SPIRON 3.8″ / Light Texas rig pattern. Cast it to the weed edge and let it fall to get the bass’s attention.Then let it pause.It can tempt the bass into striking.
Many of my fishing guests have caugth bigger fish on SPIRON 3.8″ by using the fishing pattern!!




* SPIRON 3.8″ is in the middle of production and will be available for purchase at stores around the end of October.


GEECRACK CHANNEL / Fall weed fishing – SPIRON3.8″


2 thoughts on “Field report / SPIRON 3.8″

    1. Hi. Bellows Stick is out of stock now.
      We will reproduce them next spring(2018). Currently they are available only in Japan but they will be available in the US next spring.
      If you are interested in our products, please contact Kazuki Kitajima. He is a professional angler and also a Geecrack field tester who lives in America.

      E mail address →


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