Geecrack New Product ” SPIRON 3.8″ / Geecrack Staff H


Fishing lake Biwa with Yama P(lake Biwa Fishing guide)

・Worm : SPIRON 3.8″ / Rig : 5g Texas rig / 5g weight un-pegged
・Rod : Double Dutch DD-72MH Spanky
・Line : FLUORO 16lb




Cast SPIRON 3.8″ to the weed edge and let it fall.
58 cm bass hit my lure!!!


After that, I cast it by the edge of a weed patch.
Fish hit it while it was falling.
Nice fish again!!
It was 54cm largemouth bass!!




Yama P also caught bigger bass on SPIRON3.8″!!
It was 54 cm.




When fish took the bait, I let it fall and pause.
I caught bigger fish again!!
It was 58 cm!!!




All the fish caught on SPIRON 3.8″ were big!!!
They were over 50cm fish.

Cast SPIRON 3.8″ and let it fall to the bottom.
Bigger fish will hit the bait while it is falling.
It’s so exciting!!


SPIRON 3.8″ is in the middle of production and will be available in this fall.




Made of Geecrack original S.A.F material(same material as Imo-ripper 95).
We will be offering fishing worms which really attract fish.




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