Won the local fishing tournament!!



Angler : Mr. Toda
Rod : DoubleDutch DD-78XH Punch Drunker


I participated in a local fishing tournament and won the first place!!!


Fall is here and the fall turn over is occurring.
There were matted weeds like the ones in the picture.



I used the punching technique.
“Cast and plunge a lure through the surface of matted weeds quietly.”
This technique was effective and I could catch nice fish, and also targeting bass that were feeding in bluegill bedding areas was effective.


I used a 1.2oz, 1.5oz, or 1.8oz sinker depending on the thickness of the weed mats and kept punching for bass by using Punch Drunker.
Punch Drunker is a great rod. Its blank bends nice and smoothly.
It is a perfect rod for punching technique.


◆ The fish I caught were …

・One fish / over 60cm long
・Three fish /over 50cm long
・Ten fish / over 40cm long

☆ Weigh-in : 3 fish / 10 kg in total



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