Field report / Caugth largemouth bass measuring over 60cm long!



Angler : Mr. Nomura
Place : Lake Biwa / Japan
Lure : G-Crawler plus, DECKER
Rod : Double Dutch The Merry DD-75H


Rented a fishing boat at BOAT HOUSE RUSH.
I used Decker8″ # CLEAR RED / Slip weight rig / 11g in the morning.
I had only one bite but didn’t miss the chance to catch it.
I had a break as it started to rain.




After the break, I found a good fishing point.
Cast Bellows Stick(# Morning Dawn) / Texas rig / 5g.
I had a bite but ending with broken line.
(I think the bass I missed was big.)

Around noon, I started fishing again.
Cast G-Crawler plus 3.5g (# SCUPPERNONG) / Neko rig.
I had a bite!
The fish hit lightly but pulled on the line hard!!
Really big largemouth bass measuring over 60cm was caught on G-Crawler plus!!




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