Geecrack New Shoulder Bag


◆Geecrack New Shoulder Bag “TANK”◆
・On Sale, the end of April, 2017・

The name “TANK” came from a large holding tank.
It has a very large holding capacity like a tank.

Every year, we go to Thailand for the employee Training Trip.
When we went there in 2015, we went bank fishing.
We had to carry a lot of fishing tackles such as big baits, rubber jigs, sinkers, hooks, and etc.

We put them in tackle boxes, and carried.
The tackle boxes we used were VS-3043 series.
It is the biggest one among VS series.
It was quite hard to find large holding capacity bags which could hold such big tackle box.
Many people use big tackle box like VS-3043 for storing tackles,
and they move tackles to small boxes when they go fishing.
It’s not convenient.

This is why we wanted to make a shoulder bag which has very large holding capacity


The black tackle box in the picture is VS-3043.
The size is 356×230×82mm and it can hold big baits or quite a lot of lures.

The bag has a large capacity and you can put a lot of fishing tackles in it, and then it will be quite heavy.
Heavy shoulder bags cause shoulder pain,
so it also has a waist belt to prevent the heavy weight of the bag on the shoulder.
Shoulder strap and waist belt for a comfortable carrying.


And DURAFLEX high abrasion resistance parts are used for the buckles.
TANK is not a 100% waterproof shoulder bag,
but watertight zippers and water resistant material are used.


This bag is for anglers who want to carry a lot of tackles or big lure cases when they go bank fishing.
TANK will go on sale the end of April!!!


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