Field report / Imo-Ripper pond fishing


Angler : Geecrack field tester Ms. Murakami
Date : November 13,14
Place : Lake Biwa, a pond
Lure : Moon Curly 3 inch / Imo-Ripper60


・Fishing Lake Biwa – Moon Curly 3 inch

o0480064013798694613     o0506064013798694632


・Pond fishing – Imo-Ripper.



Whipping the lure in a quick, sharp motion,
I paid close attention to the bait and searched for fish.
And fish caught on Imo-Ripper!!!
After the catch I had a bite, but unfortunately I couldn’t land it.
I was so shocked. There were no words to express how shocked I was!!!

I will catch nice fish for sure next time!!

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