Field report / Bank fishing



Angler : Geecrack field tester Mr. Koreeda
Date : November 6
Place : A pond in Aichi prefecture / Japan
Weather : Fine
Water temperature : 16~18℃
MoonCurly 3inch

There was already an angler fishing the pond.
I wanted to start fishing there but went to another pond.
In the past two weeks, I couldn’t catch any fish on the pond
as the water quality was bad.
The water was muddy but the quality was much better on the day.
Cast G-BLADE 3/8 and slow-rolled it, sometimes let the lure hit obstacles on the bottom.
I caught two largemouth bass!!
They were over 40 cm in length and 1280g and 1080g in weight.




I moved to next fishing point.
Slow-rolled G-BLADE and caught small largemouth bass.
I cast Geecrack new product IMO-RIPPER into a rock pile area
and let it sink and gave it a few twitches and let it sink again.
I caught largemouth bass which was about 30 cm in length.




IMO-RIPPER has a long casting ability in no sinker style,
and it is one of the great lures for Skipping.

I moved to another pond.
Small largemouth bass were biting like crazy last week.
I found some small largemouth bass swimming.
I cast MUSHIGAERU and easily caught two fish!




After that fish were not responding at all.
I cast IMO-RIPPER40 again and easily caught fish again!
When the lure hit the bottom, I gave the rod small twitches
and let it sink again.
I had a lot of bites!!

How about Swimming Jig Head???
I cast MOONCURLY 3inch Swimming Jig Head,
and after one hour I caught more than 10 fish.
They were small though.




On the way back home, I stopped at the pond I wanted to fish.
Cast G-Blade and slow-rolled it.
I caught 2 fish which were about 30 cm in length.

It gets cold in the morning and at night.
Water temperature goes down a little each day.

I caught a lot of fish and some nice fish.
I was satisfied with the results.

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