Field report / Big Flatfish(Platycephalus sp.)


DATE : October 18
PLACE : A fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture

In Spring, I caught my first Oblong rockfish in Shizuoka prefecture in the water of the fishing port.
I thought “Maybe some fish in this port came from Mikawa bay.”
I had been curious about it for a while.
I wanted to know the truth.
So I went fishing even though it was a week day.

And the truth was … it was just my imagination!!!!

When I was fishing for Marbled rockfish, a Flatfish(Platycephalus sp.) was responding to MOONCURLY.
I sometimes catch Flatfish(Platycephalus sp.), but I have never caught such a big one!!!
It was 46cm in length.




It became a side dish at a meal for the next day.
It tasted so good. My family enjoyed it as well.
Very soon we finished it off.


It was good to eat fish which I caught!


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