Available for purchase at stores / GS BLADON


Geecrack new product “GS BLADON”.
It is a blade jig.
We developed it with Lake Biwa fishing guide Shinji Sato.




● Size:1/4oz, 3/8oz
● Hook size:#5/0 Long Shank Hook

The design of the lure head gives the GS BLADON stability
and it is easier for fish to take the bait.
And the eye position, you will have a lower risk of catching
a lot of weed.


It has a Willowleaf Blade which flashes in the water.




As it has a #5/0 Long Shank Hook, you can set the hook firmly in the mouth of the fish.

GS BLADON was developed after many actual field tests.
It swims in a straight line at your desired depth.

The package includes
・GS BLADON ×1, WORMS(GS BLOCKER 4.5 inch)×4.



GS BLOCKER has a equalizer tail.


It receives water resistance and creates a tight wobblIng action.
The blade attached to the main part and the tail make a subtle wave motion and attract fish hiding under weeds or structures.
It appeals to fish with the subtle wave motion which resembles the wave motion produced by real baitfih.


【How to set up】

GS BLOCKER has a concave section on the upper side of the body. Insert a hook in the head of the worm and exit the worm at the concave section.


When done correctly, the worm will be straight on the hook.




・Colors :

#001 AYU





Stick with the highest quality!
Try it out!

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