Movie clip / Kenji Ohe Fishing Movie, September 2016

Place : Kameyama Dam / Chiba pref. in Japan
Angler : Geecrack field tester Kenji Ohe
Kenji Ohe is a fishing guide. He mainly guides Takataki Dam or Kameyama Dam in the Kanto region of Japan.
He is also a Geecrack field tester.
This is his new fishing movie!!!
After Typhoons passed through Kameyama Dam,
autumn has come to the Dam and fish are scattering.
He cast MOONCURLY or GEECRACK new product Imo-ripper
and catches big largemouth bass in the movie!!
The caterpillar lure”Imo-ripper” is very effective for fishing on the water of Kameyama Dam.
He is explaining about it and also talking about Kameyama Dam autumn fishing tips in the movie.

Click here to watch the movie

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