Movie clip shooting / Yuho Ito



Angler : Yuho Ito
Place : Lake Biwa

Fishing at the northern part and southern part of Lake Biwa
in the morning.
Deep area at the northern part, largemouth bass were caught on MOON CURLY.




Yuho said summer fishing patterns were still effective
on the water of Lake Biwa, but he used autumn fishing patterns
as well(MERRY-G FX) and caught fish!


o0480064013749716724     o0480064013749716734


He dragged MERRY-G FX and it produced good results.
He said “If you encounter a wide range of baitfish, dragging is effective.Not just cast and retrieve”.

He cast SWING CHATTER and caught a nice fish!
It was his last fish for the day.




Yuho can use various fishing techniques and has a lot of knowledge about fish and fishing.
The movie is coming soon. Don’t miss it!!


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