Movie clip shooting / BIG LARGEMOUTH BASS!!

o0480064013738137623      o0480064013738151507


Angler : Takaaki Ohya
Place: Ohe river
Lure : TINY GILLING SS / New Moon Curly 4inch

Great catch at the first fishing point.
Big largemouth bass caught on TINY GILLING SS!

And again, big largemouth bass caught on TINY GILLING SS!!!

Water level was high and his target depth was under the surface.
He chose lure(High floating model / Slow sinking model) based on water level.


o0480064013738455339     o0480064013738455344


In the afternoon, fish weren’t responding at all.
So he chose New Moon Curly 4inch and had a lot og bites!!


o0480064013738571922     o0480064013738571884


TINY GILLING SS produced great results in the mornig and evening.
And during the day time, Moon Curly(Nail rig) produced good results.


The season is changing from summer to autum.
He predicted best fishing time of the day and the weather
and caught nearly 10 fish in total!!

The movie is coming soon!!
Don’t miss it!!

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