Field report / Not only TINY GILLING HF…


PLACE : Kochi prefecture / Japan
・TINY GILLING HF / GXY-C67M Back Street / FLUORO 12lb
・SUGURI60 / DDBF-66L Technical Trap / FLUORO 10lb
・G-CRAWLER 3.8(PROTOTYPE) / GXY-S64L Marionetto / FLUORO 4lb

Bank fishing.
An angler was fishing the area where I wanted to fish in the morning, so I went to a concrete embankment and
let TINY GILLING swim naturally.
I caught my first fish on the day there.

After that I moved to another fishing spot
and cast SUGURI60 and new G-CRAWLER 3.8(PROTOTYPE) .
I caught my second fish on the day there.

I went back to the first fishing area where another angler was fishing. No one was fishing there as I thought.
I made a cast along the bank with shaded areas, and let it swim until the ripples on the surface of water disappeared.
Then give it a move and let it swim again until the ripples disappeared. And I had a bite!!

o0480064113691522387     o0480064113691522397

o0480064113691522405     o0480064113691522417

Just let TINY GILLING HF swim in a good fishing spot.
Largemouth bass will find TINY GILLING HF and bite!!
It’s so much fun to use TINYGILLING HF.


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