Field report / GEECRACK Feild tester Mr. Koreeda


Date : April 23rd

It was rainy two days ago.
The river had risen and the water was really muddy.
I cast GYROSTAR3.5 Light Texas under the bushes,
but i didn’t have a bite.

So, I chose G-BLADE(PEARL-SHAD) that trigger reaction bites.
The tactic was…
Slow rolling along a structure, and let it hit the structure.
Trigger a reaction bite when it becomes unbalanced.

I had my first bite in a shallow area with wood and masonry.
Let it hit the masonry, and when it became unbalanced
I had a bite.


And fishing around timber.
I had my second bite when it hit the timber.


When it is really windy or rainy,
I retrieve G-BLADE just under the surface of water
to lure the fish out of cover.
When the water is muddy, I retrieve it while hitting the structure with it.

I used a rod “DD GALAXXY67M / BACK STREET”.
This is a great rod for pond fishing.
You can cast from Light Texas Rig to TINYGILLING or G-BLADE.


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