Caught a Rokumaru(fish over 60cm) / GRANDE THE ONE + GYROSTAR 6in.!!!!!

GEECRACK Field Tester
Mr. Morinaga caught a Rokumaru(fish over 60cm)
with GRANDE THE ONE + GYROSTAR 6in.!!!!!

The best season for GRANDE THE ONE is coming soon!


[From Mr. Morinaga’s BLOG]

Rod: DoubleDutch DD-75H TheMerry
Line: Nylon20lbs
Lure: Grande The One1/2oz + GYROSTAR 6in.

I caught a fish in the evening, and I was really surprised.
I thought it was about 55cm, but actually it was over 60cm.

I thought the water must be rough and it must be windy in the afternoon, so I couldn’t make up my mind whether I should go fishing or not.
However I heard that it rained a lot during weekends,
so I decided to go to a mid-range fishing area where the water becomes muddy easily.

As I expected the water was muddy and rough, and I thought small jig head was not effective.
I chose GRANDE THE ONE +GYROSTAR6 which was big and easy to be found by fish.
I retrieved it along the bottom and got the big one!

When I started fishing I thought it was quite difficult to catch fish
even thought the water was muddy, because it was in the daytime.
However on my first cast I caught Rokumaru(fish over 60cm).
I was surprised and happy.

I have been using GRANDE THE ONE
since the end of last year for night fishing,
and I’ve had bites a lot.
And this was my first fish with GRANDE THE ONE.


The depth of the water was about 2.5m,
Hard bottom + Steep point,
and 1/2oz GRANDE THE ONE.

Cast it and waited until it hit the bottom.
And really slow retrieve along the bottom
but sometimes let it hit the bottom.
Usually I retrieve it from the deep area to shallow, and fish takes a bite just before it hits the steep bank.
This time it was the same as usual.

12642680_1078906588827796_4475145453242644345_n     12642679_1078906608827794_1897556376207970449_n

I think you might have chances to catch nice fish in the daytime
from the end of January to February.
I am targeting Rokumaru(fish over 60cm) again,
but heavier one next time.



Thank you for coming to JAPAN FISHING SHOW.

We hope all of you enjoyed the FISHING SHOW with us.


We exhibited set up fishing tackles and lures.
A lot of people came to GEECRACK booth and tried them
such as GRANDE THE ONE, GILLING series, and DOROBOU series by themselves.


We also had some events at our booth.
We hope you enjoyed Lottery, Seminar of fishing etc. as well.

12572993_1077056569012798_7691188812922104974_n     12512622_1077056559012799_6005863534589389264_n

The 3 days FISHING SHOW was finished so quickly.
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We are participating JAPAN FISHING SHOW 2016 in OSAKA this weekend.

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